A Complete Guide to Public Health Careers

Public health refers to areas that directly benefit a community, with communities ranging from neighborhoods, to cities, to entire states in certain degrees. Public health officials can work for the government or for corporations determining policies for handing public health problems and research public health statistics. With this type of degree, there are a variety of types of jobs you can hold, most of which pay very well.

Public Health Specializations

With a degree in public health, you can specialize in any number of areas. First, you can specialize in education, teaching people about health hazards and disease or working to promote healthy practices. You can also go into administration, handling a group of people as they manage a community or you can consider doing research in either the public or private sector to learn more about population and health risks. Lastly, you can also go into counseling in areas such as violence and substance abuse.

Daily Tasks as a Public Health Worker

The most common task for a public health worker is for educating the community. Even as a researcher, administrator, or counselor, one of your main roles will be to teach others about the area of public health in which you work. Topics typically include disease prevention, safety, and (in the event of an outbreak) how to keep safe. Administrators may find themselves dealing with managing disease control and protecting areas during a natural disaster, while as a researcher, your tasks could include collecting statistics and developing and testing theories.

Earning a Public Health Degree

There are many options for earning a degree in public health, including both online and offline schools. However, to be considered for most jobs in public health, you must possess a master’s degree in public health at a minimum. Tuition for the degree depends on the school, with public universities being generally much cheaper than private ones and online school typically being slightly less expensive on average. No matter the school you chose, make sure the university is certified by the Council of Education on Public Health (CEPH) – accreditation will ensure that you get a quality education no matter what school you choose to attend.

The Top Public Health Degree Programs Online

Walden University For those considering a degree in Public Health, Walden University offers an online Masters and PhD in Public Health along with a PhD in Community Health. This degree features a strong foundation in the core disciplines of public health along with a practice-oriented approach using real-world examples and case studies.
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Kaplan University If you desire an online degree in Health, Kaplan University offers a BS and a MS in Public Health along with a BS to MPH. In this program students apply scientific research, epidemiological, and statistical methods in public health practice. Additionally, students design effective health education programs.
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Capella University For those considering a MPH in Health Management & Policy or in Social & Behavioral Sciences, Capella University offers an online degree program. This program helps students to deepen their knowledge of public health concepts, theories, and practices, and improves their ability to work collaboratively with other health professionals.
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University of Liverpool If you seek an advanced online degree in Health, the University of Liverpool offers a Master of Public Health, MPH in Epidemiology, International Public Health, and Management of Health Systems. This program focuses on UK public health set in a European and international context. It can be completed online part or full time.
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Benedictine University Students considering an online advanced degree in Health, Benedictine University offers several programs including: Master of Pubic Health, MPH in Disaster Management, Health Education & Promotion, Health, and an MBA/MPH Dual Degree. The programs are built on a base of core courses that teach the foundations of Public Health concepts and processes.
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Grand Canyon University For those considering a MS in Public Health, Grand Canyon has an online degree program. This program is designed for people interested in disease prevention and community health. Students study theories, concepts, and principles of public health and their application. The curriculum uses a multidisciplinary approach emphasizing behavioral and social factors.
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