Available Financial Aid and Scholarships for Public Health Students

Many jobs in the public health field require you to have at least a master’s degree. If you’re interested in working in public health, earning this advance degree is your ticket to more job opportunities, a higher paycheck, and more. Financial aid can even help you pay for the tuition to go back to school for a master’s degree, meaning that there will be little out of pocket cost to you. Let’s take a look at the scholarships, grants, and other types or financial aid available for public health students.

Types of Financial Aid

Scholarships are some of the most common types of financial aid out there. At the master’s degree level, you can also find fellowships, which are extremely similar, but may require you to commit to a specific responsibility, such as serving as a teaching assistant. Scholarships and fellowships are both given based on merit, and some require you to write an essay in order to apply. In addition to scholarships, you can also find grants for public health students. Grants are given based on financial need and some can be used for tuition while others can be used for specific research projects.You can also find student loans to help you get your degree, though this type of financial aid needs to be repaid after you graduate.

Where to Find Financial Aid for Public Health Students

The best place to start your financial aid search if you want to get a master’s degree in public health is with the school you hope to attend. Most schools offer both scholarships and grants to ensure that the best and brightest students in the public health field attend their school. You school’s financial aid department can also help you learn more about available student loans.

Outside organizations can also be a great place for you to find public health financial aid. Availability varies from year to year, but some of the groups that have offered public health scholarships and grants in the past include the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the American Public Health Association, and the U.S. Public Health Service’s Office of Minority Health. Keep in mind that local organizations in  your area may also offer financial aid for students.

The Top Public Health Degree Programs Online

Walden University For those considering a degree in Public Health, Walden University offers an online Masters and PhD in Public Health along with a PhD in Community Health. This degree features a strong foundation in the core disciplines of public health along with a practice-oriented approach using real-world examples and case studies.
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Kaplan University If you desire an online degree in Health, Kaplan University offers a BS and a MS in Public Health along with a BS to MPH. In this program students apply scientific research, epidemiological, and statistical methods in public health practice. Additionally, students design effective health education programs.
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Capella University For those considering a MPH in Health Management & Policy or in Social & Behavioral Sciences, Capella University offers an online degree program. This program helps students to deepen their knowledge of public health concepts, theories, and practices, and improves their ability to work collaboratively with other health professionals.
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University of Liverpool If you seek an advanced online degree in Health, the University of Liverpool offers a Master of Public Health, MPH in Epidemiology, International Public Health, and Management of Health Systems. This program focuses on UK public health set in a European and international context. It can be completed online part or full time.
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Benedictine University Students considering an online advanced degree in Health, Benedictine University offers several programs including: Master of Pubic Health, MPH in Disaster Management, Health Education & Promotion, Health, and an MBA/MPH Dual Degree. The programs are built on a base of core courses that teach the foundations of Public Health concepts and processes.
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Grand Canyon University For those considering a MS in Public Health, Grand Canyon has an online degree program. This program is designed for people interested in disease prevention and community health. Students study theories, concepts, and principles of public health and their application. The curriculum uses a multidisciplinary approach emphasizing behavioral and social factors.
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